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Capacity building for local area coordination

We are really excited to be part of a new initiative in Lancashire to help people to avoid hospital admission or admission to residential care.  We have been working with the Council and voluntary sector partners; Age Uk, Age Concern, Red Cross and West Lancs CVS to create an infrastructure of service to wrap around GP Surgeries and home in on people at risk of going to hospital or residential care.

The plan is that by using the thinking pioneered in Local Area Coordination, the council will position “Community Connectors” as staff to help people referred by GPs to get support at home and within their community using an “asset-based” approach.

The idea is to identify the “tipping point’ in people’s circumstances and intervene earlier, thus preventing admissions. Our Third Sector partners are appointing Connect4Life Organisers to receive the referrals and link with the LCC Community Connectors to identify resources and solutions for people referred to the scheme.

A super benefit of all this work is that local areas are being “mapped” so that the scheme understands what’s happening in a given area in terms of support mechanisms, groups, and events.  We hope that a network of volunteering will come alongside people vulnerable to avoidable admissions and this alongside identified community asset resources will combat social isolation and an over-reliance on GP surgery visits.

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