Direct Payments

What is a Direct Payment?

A Direct Payment is money paid by the council to people who are eligible and have been assessed as needing services. It gives you flexibility around how your support is provided so that you can decide who provides support to you and when. The people we work with tell us that using a Direct Payment provides real choice and control around how they receive that support.

What Can I buy with a Direct Payment?

Lots of things. You can use your Direct Payment to buy anything that makes your life better and meets your assesses needs. That can be anything from paying for membership of a fitness club, buying a laptop so that you can do your shopping on the internet or using it to pay to get you out and about to socialise. You can also use your Direct Payment to employ a personal assistant and pay for any associated costs or to buy support from providers such as care agencies. You can also buy short breaks and residential respite.

What you can’t buy with a Direct Payment?

  • Permanent residential care
  • NHS Services and equipment
  • Council services such as daycare
  • Use it as a substitute for Disabled Facilities Grant

If I change my mind about what I want to spend my Direct Payment on?

First of all, check your support plan to make sure that any changes to your spending plans are safe, legal and help you to achieve your outcomes. If you are in receipt of a direct payment then the local authority will need to approve any changes to your support plan. Talk to us at Salvere and we will guide you on the best course of action.

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