End of Life Care in East Lancashire

Bringing Personal Health and wellbing into sharp focus…

This is one of those times when you know that you are doing something special. East Lancashire’s NHS is conducting a new pilot of work with people receiving end of life care. Salvere has been asked to join in and look at how we can develop personal health budgets in a smart and sensitive way with the NHS to alleviate the circumstances patients face and provide a quality of life under their direct control.

We were asked to support some 9 people but in the event and for obvious reasons, we supported 6 families and individuals who took a personal health budget.

The work has been immensely rewarding for our team and whilst everyone we help is special, it is more poignant when you know from the outset that time is short.

A couple of things stand out for us as we create end of life personal health budgets. The first is how family and friends rally to support in a way that is not quite the same for carers supporting individuals with long-term poor health.  The prospects of death does things to us all.

The second thing is that our needs and wants become much more modest and essential and as a consequence, a PHB at end of life is very cost effective. This should be an incentive to create more opportunities for PHBs in end of life pathways of care because it is a massive win-win.  A win for the individual and family to have bespoke support at home and a win for the NHS to reduce reliance on institutional and formal care.

Helping people in their final months has been humbling and a privilege.

If you would like to know more about how we could work with your CCG on end of life PHBs please get in touch

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