Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom!

Community Brokerage and Support Planning

Our focus on developing a system to support large numbers of people to get a support plan is beginning to show signs of working.

Across Lancashire, we are working with all the social work teams to get increased numbers of referrals and help thousands of people to make a plan of support and choose care options including personal assistants via direct payments.

From our base in Leyland, we are fully integrated with the County’s systems to receive online referrals and complete our work within 2 weeks of each referral for a support plan.  The speed of response makes the service popular with the public and it brings a smile to our faces too.

“Bloomin’ brilliant…” says Stephen Sloss CEO at Salvere “…it a sure sign that more people want to self-direct and have the full say in how their support is organised.”

Let us Help You

We can assist you to be confident in making good plans and choosing the right options to get the support you need.

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