New End of Life Pilot in Lancashire

Supporting more opportunities to test bed personal health budgets

Hot on the heels of the really successful pilot with East Lancashire this year, Salvere has been commissioned to support the NHS in a pilot with Age UK to support the development of personal health budgets in the end of life pathway.

This work takes the development of PHBs onto a new level as CCGs across Lancashire “test bed” the working of personal health budgets with a particular focus on end of life.  Our role will be to share our knowledge and skills in the planning, development and delivery of PHBs with NHS and Age UK colleagues.

The aims are to review current service and increase choice and control for people so that a wider offer which integrates health and social care can be achieved.  We will be contributing the development of advanced care planning and support planning, the development of local provider market responses and the improvement of fast-track processes.

We are grateful for being asked to help out and looking forward to helping spread learning and in the process learn from others too.

If you would like to know more about how we could work with your CCG on end of life PHBs please get in touch

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