Personal Health Budgets

How Salvere is helping the NHS to offer Choice in Self Management

Personal Health Budgets are a relatively new option for NHS patients with long-term health conditions and disabilities and they can provide a wonderful opportunity for individuals and their families to make a better life at home and with the right levels of staff and support.

Here is what the NHS says about a personal health budget:

“A personal health budget is an amount of money to support the identified healthcare and wellbeing needs of an individual, which is planned and agreed between the individual, or their representative, and the local clinical commissioning group (CCG). It isn’t new money, but a different way of spending health funding to meet the needs of an individual.

Personal health budgets are one way to give people with long-term health conditions and disabilities more choice and control over the money spent on meeting their health and wellbeing needs…”

We think that PHBs will be a tremendous development for the NHS and for patients who want the freedom that living at home can give, even ‘though their health condition may need carefully planned support.

This is where Salvere comes in.  We are now working with a number of NHS clinical commissioning groups in the north of England to accelerate the growth of PHB use.

Our experience with direct payments and individual employer support means we can join the dots for the NHS and patients to create safe and legal plans to put the PHB in place and work well.

Salvere services are then in a position to support the funding and operation of the PHB, including the payment of staff teams.

If you are an NHS commissioner and want to talk to us about how we might support your patients, please get in touch.  We can operate across the north of England.

If you are a patient thinking about using a PHB we can probably assist you to connect with your local CCG.

If you would like to know more about personal health budgets please get in touch with us at Salvere and for more general information from the NHS about personal health budgets, click.

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