Salvere – A Case Study

Think Local - Act Personal has been looking at Salvere in Lancashire and our work to develop better personalised support planning.

TLAP is a national partnership of more than 50 organisations committed to transforming health and care through personalisation and community-based support.

The partnership spans central and local government, the NHS, the provider sector, people with care and support needs, carers and family members via the National Co-production Advisory Group.

We are really chuffed to feature in their work and it’s great when others look at you and tell your story.  Here’s what TLAP has been saying:

“The longer-term aim (from Summer 2015) [in Lancashire] is for all assessments, care and support plans and reviews to be delivered through Salvere and their partners. Salvere check that each person is well informed and knows what to expect from the planning process, and as a result of having a care and support plan. They decide who in their team or the wider network of support planners is best placed to facilitate the care and support planning process with the person. Salvere have developed consistent, person-centred approaches for supporting people through the planning process which have been adopted by all those working in this partnership. Salvere maintain oversight, monitoring the timeliness of plans as well as their quality and content, and ultimately the outcomes achieved through support put in place, including the use of local community resources. Recent changes to local ICT systems (from ISIS to Liquid Logic) means that the council and Salvere share the same processes, information and outcome data. Salvere use a standard care and support planning template generated by the Liquid Logic (LL) system, as well as a “user-friendly” person-centred support plan used directly alongside and with the person (the same template that is used to enable people to develop their own plan). Salvere staff undertake the initial review (“welfare check”) within 2-3 months of a care and support plan being put in place, with the exact timing determined by each person’s situation and plan. The system flags when each person’s review is due and the same person who facilitated the plan then facilitates this review. There is an ongoing process of checking out what’s working and not working with the person and others involved to ensure the best possible support is experienced and outcomes achieved. Formal, annual reviews are currently undertaken by the council team that completed the assessment before referring to Salvere, although the long-term plan is for all reviews to be delivered by Salvere.”

If you want to read the full report, click here.

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