Shaping up nicely!

Sometimes it’s good to let others talk about us..

Here is an extract from the recently published Market Shaping Toolkit for Local Authorities from Oxford Brookes University.

Our CEO Stephen Sloss had a hand in the report’s development.

“Salvere, then a fledgeling social enterprise, was commissioned by Lancashire County Council to provide support services to people receiving direct payments in 2012. The contract is comprised of two aspects, split 2:1 in value. The first is to provide advice around Direct Payments, the second is to innovate in the provision of support planning.

The council pays a fixed amount for the delivery of the first aspect, with funding drawn down on a case by case basis for the other. From the beginning of the contract, quarterly meetings were held between Salvere’s Chief Executive and the Council’s Director and Head of Service to talk about the strategic perspective.

Operational staff from Salvere and Lancashire met monthly for an Operational Steering Group to talk through the changes staff from both organisations would be making as part of the transformation in delivery. Working in this collaborative way has allowed for a considerable scope for Salvere and Lancashire to test, learn and refine practice, process and operations – focusing on continuously improving quality and pace.

Over 6,000 support plans have been developed in 2 years, with 88% returning a package that is less than the indicative budget. Reflecting the success of the partnership, the Council is now planning to restructure the funding of the contract to eliminate the transactional costs of drawing funding down on a case by case basis.” (

You can find a copy of the report here.

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