Tracy’s Story

How self-management of your care can work well

Tracy came home one day from work and went upstairs. On the way down she fell and in that moment her life changed.

Tracy uses a wheelchair, is tetraplegic and with a very positive outlook, is differently able. The journey to today has, as anyone might imagine, not been straightforward or easy. She has had a mixed experience of NHS Services with some being absolutely excellent and specialised and others in general hospital services being far from excellent or knowledgeable about her type of ability and particular requirements.

Then there has been the care and support experience where commissioned home care has been disabling and confining. Tracy has had to live, almost as a prisoner in her own home, for services to be delivered by people she had no choice over and at times which did not necessarily suit her lifestyle or wishes.

Eventually, Tracy found a road to self-management for her life through the use of a Personal Health Budget and this has begun to make a tremendous difference as she regains choice and control of how her support is organised.

Now Tracy decides how each day will run and like most of us, her support is the infrastructure to her living, enabling her to live life.

Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash

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