Why Support Plan?

Think ahead - make a new life

A new approach to better support is developing.  It’s founded on assisting people to make a plan of support.  What’s so good about this?  So, the idea is that it helps people to look forward and to identify what things will make a difference in supporting them to get to their goals and outcomes.

Importantly, a support plan draws on the strengths people have in themselves by looking at what they can do and what they have got in terms of wider resources to tap into across family, friends and community.

It’s the community bit that often throws up some exciting possibilities that people might not have thought about before.

At Salvere we are beginning to work with large numbers of people to make these plans and to think about what kinds of activity might replace traditional care.  When you get an assessment of need it is often accompanied by a ‘prescription’ for hours of care at home.  This often happens because care is needed right there and then.  In Lancashire, families are given “time to think” with a temporary allocation of support so that people can think about how they might want to change their support and do things that also meet needs.  This can lead to people getting out of the home where possible to do everyday things including recreation and entertainment in place of “daycare” or “respite breaks”.  It’s all made possible with the support of a personal assistant and or innovative providers of support.

Why support plan?  Well, it’s a whole different approach that throws up new possibilities and us much more engaging and worthwhile than care planning on it’s own.

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